Do you own a business and might be interested in hosting The Rustic Cheesecake as your cheesecake supplier? We would LOVE to work with you! Our cheesecakes have done very well selling out of local businesses both in minis and by the slice. Check out what a few of the business owners we work with have had to say:

“We have had the pleasure of doing business with The Rustic Cheesecake here at Gillig Winery. They provide a lovely assortment of cheesecakes, which allows us to offer a different cheesecake every month to our customers. The cheesecakes have been very well received by our customers; it has been a positive addition to our menu. The Rustic Cheesecake has been a pleasure to do business with, very accommodating to our needs. We strive to do business with other local businesses, and are very fortunate to have the pleasure of working with The Rustic Cheesecake and be able to enjoy and serve their wonderful creations.”

-Gillig Winery

Rustic Cheesecakes are a welcome and delicious addition to my business. I pride myself on only having the best, freshest, and tastiest goodies in my restaurant and Rustic Cheesecakes are ALL that. Jake and Liz are quality people giving quality service and producing a quality product. I recommend Rustic Cheesecake 100%!

-Main Street Deli