The Rustic Cheesecake

The Rustic Cheesecake is a home bakery founded by a couple of small town lovers – Jake and Liz Ollervides, in Fremont, Ohio. Making her first cheesecake at 15 years old, and absolutely dumbfounding her every taste-tester since, Liz, decided 13 years later, that it might be fun to kick cheesecakes off as a home-hobby, selling a few here and there. Within six months, the demand for cheesecake goodness had grown so high that she quit her job, and went full time as a stay at home mom to three of the world’s greatest kids, making cheesecake lovers happy.

We Like Amazing Cheesecake…

And because we do, we try our best to only make cheesecake that fits some amazing criteria. Here’s what’s important to us about every cheesecake we make.

1. An amazing Cheesecake should TASTE amazing

We often sneak away with our own cheesecakes and eat them as midnight snacks…. also for dessert after dinner…. also, sometimes for breakfast….also…

2. An amazing cheesecake has amazing TEXTURE

A great cheesecake is moist (Liz hates this word, but it’s true). It has a dense filling, a soft crust and a rich top.

3. An amazing cheesecake LOOKS amazing

You should look at it and think, Woah! I have to put that in my mouth!

4. An amazing cheesecake is ELEGANT

You should feel classy when you eat it.

The two of us…

Liz spends her days embracing her three loves in life: her family, cheesecakes, and Monster Energy Drinks. Liz is responsible for all the baking, topping and distribution of orders. Liz’s favorite cheesecake is the Kahlua (Pumpkin Spice in the fall.)

Jake is a full time stud handling all the business elements of the Rustic Cheesecake, planning craft shows, designing our graphics, propelling our social media venues and trying to lose weight. Having married Liz in 2012, he loves her, his kids, and the adventures of their life. His favorite cheesecake is the Strawberry Champagne

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